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What you’ll learn​

  • Understand the roles in game development
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Game Design
  • Generating and drafting ideas for games
  • Mechanics, dynamics, and systems in game design
  • The phases of game development
  • Find out if a career in the gaming industry is for you
  • Preparing for a job in the game industry

Welcome to this 2 part course where you’ll get insights on careers in the gaming industry and learn about the fundamentals of game design.

We’ll start things off where we explore careers in the gaming industry. You’ll learn about concepts and skills required to make it in the gaming industry—whether you want to build and finance your own game or land a job at a studio or in mobile gaming.

We’ll explore the structure of a typical game studio, the distribution paths for different types of games, marketing trends, the various roles (both artistic and technical), and the skills you need for each job.

Then we’ll get into game design. You’ll learn about strategies for starting a career in game design, drafting your game ideas, tools and skills. We’ll also discuss the role of the game designer, as well as how to define the core loop of your game, create features from a core, and much more.

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